kamp konaklamaWe will stay at Heybeliada Kızılay Camp with all racers on the night before Race Day. Racers, if they prefer, may stay at different places at Heybeliada on their account provided that they participate in the briefing. Any racer who arrives after briefing will not be admitted to the Race. All materials to be submitted to racers will be distributed during registration.

Breakfast, which will be served at Kızılay Youth Camp, will be covered by organization. There are sufficient beds for all participants at Kızılay Youth Camp. Rooms consist of 8, 6 or 4 berths. There are showers and toilets in the rooms. Kizilay Camp management will allocate rooms for racers. Pre-reservation is not possible. Big tents are also available at Camping area. Racers may stay at big tents by bringing their own sleeping bags and mats.

At 07:15 a.m on Race Day, we will move to the Race Starting Point by boat together with all Racers.

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