The highest ranking teams in two cathegories in MacerAda 2018 are as follows:


  1. PKOR - Fatih İNCEBACAK - Rıdvan Akif TÜCAN
  2. KOŞAR ADIM - Mustafa YASİN - Ahmet KORKMAZ
  3. JUST FOR FUN - Furkan REİS - Emrullah AKTEPE

erkekler 2018 toren


  2. PAN MACERADA - Itır UZ - Aytekin SÖYLEMEZ
  3. İOG-MIX - Özer AKÇINAR - Ceren CAN

karisik 2018 toren

You can reach the detailed results from here.

kamp konaklamaWe will stay at Heybeliada Kızılay Camp with all racers on the night before Race Day. Racers, if they prefer, may stay at different places at Heybeliada on their account provided that they participate in the briefing. Any racer who arrives after briefing will not be admitted to the Race. All materials to be submitted to racers will be distributed during registration.

Breakfast, which will be served at Kızılay Youth Camp, will be covered by organization. There are sufficient beds for all participants at Kızılay Youth Camp. Rooms consist of 8, 6 or 4 berths. There are showers and toilets in the rooms. Kizilay Camp management will allocate rooms for racers. Pre-reservation is not possible. Big tents are also available at Camping area. Racers may stay at big tents by bringing their own sleeping bags and mats.

At 07:15 a.m on Race Day, we will move to the Race Starting Point by boat together with all Racers.

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  • macerada 19 350x262Please fill in Team Participation Form (PDF, Word Document). Explanations for your possible questions are included in related sections. Please do not forget that registration forms that are not filled thoroughly, especially obligatory sections, will not be accepted.
  • Please transfer admission fee to the account and send the receipt together with participation form. Team admission fee is 200.- TL.
  • Last registration date is August 29th.
  • Please e-mail the forms and receipt after filling in the Word document or scanning to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.
  • Acceptance of Responsibility Form which is one of the documents required for Race Participation will be signed by all team members at organization desk on Race day. It is not required to be sent beforehand.
  • Race is limited to 50 teams. If the quota is full, organization has the right to reject participation requests. So, we recommend that you do not wait until the last days of admission. New admissions will not be accepted on Race Day in any way!


macerada 11 350x467Payments will be effected to following account by Credit card or wire transfer.

Adalar Vakfi İktisadi İşletmesi

MACERADA Admission Acoount

İş Bankasi, 1041-0915909

IBAN: TR410006400000110410915909

Cancellation Terms

Following return conditions shall be applied if teams withdraw from races for any reason:

  • If withdrawal takes place 60 days before Race Date, 70% of admission fee is returned.
  • If withdrawal takes place 30 days before Race Date, 50% of admission fee is returned.
  • Admission fee can not be returned for cancellations done less than 30 days before Race date.

Modification Terms

If case of a change in team members, these changes should be informed to organization desk on Race Day.


Racers of MACERADA must have completed their 18th years of age. There is no upper limit for age.

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  • macerada 16 350x197Participation shall be by Teams consisting of two persons.
  • Teams may participate with their corporate teams of with teams that were formed by them.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit for participation.
  • There is no gender restriction for teams.
  • A team number will be assigned by organization committee to teams.   Teams are obliged to carry team numbers in a easily visible manner. Bicycles and other materials that will be given to participants will also be marked with team’s number. Teams are responsible for not removing or losing their numbers.
  • Team members should always be together during the race. Distance between team members may not exceed 30 meters.


  • macerada 09 350x467Main materials that will be used during the race, such as map will be provided by the organization. Other maps may not be used.
  • Competitors will bring their own bicycles and helmets.
  • Competitors may use their own compass if they wish.
  • Necessary equipment that competitors will use is announced at the official site of the organization and at the relevant section.
  • Teams are obliged to carry the materials that are set by the Organization as necessary materials.
  • If a team member drops the race, that member may not be substituted by another person and that team will be deemed to have dropped the race.
  • Teams may not use support teams.
  • Teams may not use any unauthorized transport vehicles between tracks and breach of this rule will constitute a reason for disqualification.



  • macerada 07 350x466Stages of the race will take place in the sea, on asphalt roads and earth roads.
  • Entering private properties during the race is forbidden.
  • All competitors must behave with environmental consciousness during the race and must not throw any litter around. Waste bins placed at CP’s must be used. Any damage given to environment shall constitute a reason for disqualification.
  • At some CP’s, drinking water will be supplied by the Organization.
  • A number of animals live in streets of Islands. All street animals are traced by Animal Protection Volunteers and their vaccination are complete.
  • All competitors are obliged to have their cellular phones with full charged batteries with them during the race, in a water resistant cover. Communication will be established over these phones in emergency cases. It is forbidden to use smart phones with maps and GPS applications.
  • Teams that drop the race for any reason are obliged to inform the Organization.
  • A board of referees will follow the race. Referees are authorized to disqualify teams under circumstances where health and safety of competitors are at stake.
  • Penalty points will be given for breach of rules.
  • Teams who do not help other competitors in emergency situations or who do not respect the warnings of Organization staff will be disqualified.
  • Organization has the right to make changes in the rules. Changes will be announced at the technical meeting that will be held before the race.


  • macerada 12 350x467Bicycle, helmet
  • Bathing suit, swimming suit, bikinis
  • Track shoes
  • Sports clothing
  • Sufficient drinking water (at least 1 lt.) Snack foods
  • First aid kit for each team
  • Whistle
  • Cellular phone with fully charged battery in a water resistant case.
  • Back pack
  • Compass
  • Thermos
  • Camping glass


  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses
  • Water resistant map cover
  • Reflective clothing
  • Rain coat
  • Wristwatch
  • Tent, mat, sleeping bags for camping before the race.


Princes Islands are very peaceful places with their nature and cultural heritage and only half an hour away from Istanbul and can easily be reached by a pleasant boat trip. People who are exhausted from İstanbul’s chaos and disordermay feel comfortable and find peace in the Islands. 

Princes Islands are just nearby as a very special alternative for everybody who loves sports or just loves to spend time in nature.

Our aim is to represent Princes Islands and show you once more that they are a very close alternative for natural sports and to spend pleasant time. Swimming, running, biking, trekking, orienteering, sailing, canoe and more other nature sports can be performed on the same places and enjoy people and architecture of the Islands, by having delicious seafood and drinks at the same time.


MacerAda, is organized under responsibility of Adalar Turizm Geliştirme Merkezi by Adalar Municipality, Adalar City Council, Adalar Foundation, Heybeliada Gonüllüleri Organization, Heybeliada Water Sports Club with the cooperation of water sport clubs in Adalar (Buyukada Deniz Club, Adalar Water Sport Clubs (ASSK), Burgaz Deniz Club, Kınalıada Water Sports Club, Yıldırım Sports Club) and Kızılay Adalar Branch. 


adatgm adalar vakfi hgd
adalar belediyesi adalar kent konseyi hssk



bdk assk ysk kizilay



Dağ Keçisi

İstanbul Orienteering Grubu


 dag kecisi 230x170 iog  




Kar Spor

Loyka Productions

salcano kar spor 300x loyka


Rotary Club of Princes' Islands


magma 2015 islands rotary 300x tatonka 300x




2as 300x salewa 300x dynafit 300x




arbella 300x aydersu 300x  

macerada 15 350x263Competitors will start by swimming from an island to another, will cycle then and try to reach finish line by orienteering. Competitors will have to pass from some specified Check Points (CP). At some of these CP’s they may prefer to compete at some special stages that would allow them gain extra points, such as abseiling, rock climbing and some small games. Some of these stages are named after celebrities who lived at Prince’s Islands, like Lefter, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Nurullah Ataç.

  • Racecourse is specified with Check Points (CP). Calling at CP’s is compulsory.
  • A file showing the details of the racecourse and CP’s will be given to competitors before race starts.
  • Organization committee has the right to make revisions in the racecourse if necessary or cancelling it. Cancellation or revision decisions will be announced to competitors.

macerada 05 770x300

Prince’s Islands Adventure Race consists of three stages:

Swimming: Swimming on an approximately 900 m. track between two islands. 

Cycling: After completing swimming track and landing on the island will pick up their shoes and materials that are ready for them and access to their bicycles that are ready for them at some distance.  In 2015 races cycling track was about 13 -15 km long and at least 60% of it was run on earth road. At cycling stage competitors will call at CP’s and if they prefer, they may complete extra stages.  

Orienteering: Competitors will deliver their bicycles at a prepared post and they will pick up their orienteering materials (map, compass) and start the final stage. They will find orienteering flags that were places earlier and take the marks on them. They may also participate in special contests at this stage. Some part of orienteering stage, especially the final part will be at the settlement section of the island so that island habitants and tourists can have a chance to see the final of the race and share the race atmosphere. This stage was about 8-12 km. long in 2015.  In 2015, start of the race was at 09:00 a.m. and finish about 03:00 p.m.

Calculation of points will be made according to targets stipulated earlier, bonus points and time calculation will be made by computers.

macerada 17 770x263

macerada 08 350x467 Adventure race is a special race in which different sport disciplines are combined in the same race, run in natural environments, where rules can be changed according to conditions and where primary purpose of racers is to have fun.

Although mostly outdoor sports athletes from different branches are interested in this special race, the race has also created its own enthusiasts. Athletes doing mountaineering, orienteering, cycling, athleticism and other branches of sports participate in these races in order to test themselves, make exercises in other branches and primarily to have an adventure and fun. Besides fitness, power, endurance and motivation, adventure races also require social abilities such as planning, strategy and team spirit. Essentially, it is a race where competition is with the nature and one’s own limits rather than with other competitors.


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